Weekly Update 11/12/15

Praising the Lord today for:

The Georgia Baptist Convention which took place earlier this week. God is working through our cooperative efforts to reach people in Georgia and around the world.

A $10,000 grant awarded to our Association from the Georgia Baptist Convention to help with our growing prison ministry.

Our Ministers Wives Fellowship Ministry as it continues to flourish under the leadership of Gwen Williams. Their most recent event (Movie Night) was a blessing.

Boiling Springs Baptist who will be baptizing 10 wonderful people this coming Sunday. Thank you pastor Conway Jones for leading the church to care about winning souls for Jesus.

Please be in prayer for this week’s Churches of the Week:
East Gordon Street Baptist (without a pastor)
Friendship Baptist (pastor Paul Thompson)
First Baptist Alamo (pastor Kyle Woodfin)
First Baptist Glenwood (pastor Kevin Hammons)
Faith Missionary Baptist (pastor Jimmy Dupree)
Please continue to pray for Cheryl Waters (wife of pastor Glenn Waters of Stuckey Baptist) as she continues to recover in the hospital. God is blessing and she is seeing great improvement

I want to encourage each of our DBA ministers and their families to join us next Thursday, November 19th at 6 p.m. at Tabernacle Baptist (Swan Center) for our yearly DBA Ministers and Families Christmas party. This will be a great time of fun and fellowship so make plans to join us. Also, as in recent years we will have great activities for the children so please bring your entire family. The only thing we ask is that you call our DBA office by Monday to let us know how many people we should expect from your family. Looking forward to great food, great fellowship and a wonderful time!

We are hosting a luncheon next Wednesday, November 18th for everyone who has been helping us with the prison ministry in order to plan for next year. This is also open for anyone considering helping with this important ministry. If you would like to attend the lunch meeting (lunch will be provided) please let us know by next Monday, November the 16th. This ministry is growing quickly and we could use your help.

12 Ways Your Church Might want to Bless Your Pastor By Chuck Lawless
My seminary students occasionally ask me about whether a “pay package” a church offers them is adequate. I can’t always answer that question easily because I don’t know the church’s financial state. What I do know is what I believe a church ought to provide for its pastors. Your church may not be in a position to offer all these benefits, but perhaps you could work toward providing them:

  1. Housing allowance. In my judgment, the pastor’s salary and housing allowance should be considered the pastor’s “base package.” The salary, of course, is assumed, and a housing allowance is a designated portion of the pastor’s salary that allows for tax benefits. Make sure your pastor is aware of this opportunity.
  2. Self-employment tax offset. If your pastor pays self-employment taxes, your church should consider providing additional funds that cover the portion they would have to pay if the pastor were classified as an employee. Tax rules still require your pastor to count the dollars as income, but the additional funds toward those costs will be helpful.
  3. Health, disability, and life insurance coverage. I encourage churches to provide full family coverage for health insurance, but do cover at least the pastor’s premiums. Likewise, the pastor may want more disability and life insurance coverage than the church offers, but do offer at least some level of insurance.
  4. Mileage reimbursement. Many pastors travel a lot by car. They should not be forced to pay out of their own pockets for business-related travel.
  5. Retirement funds. Even if your pastors are young, help them think about the future by contributing to a retirement fund for them. Even a few dollars per month can pay off in the long run.
  6. Book and resource allowance. If you want your pastors to continue to study and grow, provide resources for them to do so. They might exceed whatever allowance you provide, but help cover some of these costs.
  7. Travel allowance. Your pastors may want to attend training conferences or denominational meetings that take place out of town. Make that possible by providing a travel budget.
  8. Continuing education funds. I trust you want your pastors to be the best-equipped leaders. If so, offering funds toward further training (whether via attending conferences or working toward an accredited degree) will encourage them to get that training.
  9. Entertainment and fellowship funds. If pastors take only one family per month to dinner, the costs still add up if they are paying out of their own funds. The church should cover the cost of entertainment and fellowship that intentionally promote the church’s ministry.
  10. Phone coverage. Many pastors use their cell phones recurrently during the week to do church “business.” Consider providing at least a portion of these costs.
  11. Time off. Give your pastors a weekly day off and significant time for vacation (e.g., 3-4 weeks per year). Hold them accountable to get the rest and relaxation they deserve and need.
  12. Sabbatical time. At least every 6-7 years, give your pastor a one-month paid sabbatical. I’ve written elsewhere about the benefits of a pastoral sabbatical, but I re-state my summary here: hard-working pastors can use the sabbatical to prepare for many more years of effective ministry.

During the month of November we will be collecting individually wrapped cheese/peanut butter crackers to be used by our prison ministry. Please bring all donations to our Ailey office.
To discover additional ways you can partner with our Association in reaching our community, state, and world for Jesus please go to http://bit.ly/1pdc2Sr by pasting it in your web browser.

FYI…………..Normantown Baptist has 8 extra church pews they would like to offer to a church in need. If interested please call our DBA office.

Quote of the Week
In Luke 19:10, Jesus gave us His purpose. “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” His purpose isn’t to protect denominational identity, traditional liturgies, dress codes, musical styles, outdated ministry methods and programs, or particular translations of the Bible. His purpose is to seek and save the lost.
–Brad Powell (from Change Your Church for Good: The Art of Sacred Cow Tipping)



The Light – November 2015

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The Light November 2015

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The Light – October 2015

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The Light – September 2015

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The Light – June 2015

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The Light- June 2015

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